No, I don’t mean what would you have done if you knew you won’t fail… I mean what would you have done if you could do it? 

I actually finally knew my answer. 

I would have started working after O levels, work at somewhere with flexible working hours and decent hourly pay. Work every holiday or no school day. Work after half day of school. I would have took up part time model-ing actually. (Just for laugh.) I ever considered joining the air stewardess line after Poly. Just so I could travel and buy everything I wanted. But I heard stories as an air stewardess so I dropped the idea. 


And I would have take a gap year with all the money I earn and saved! I would go Bali(still) and then go Phuket, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei etcetc. But I will still work. (If not no money)

I would have took up interior design courses, and photography lessons and venture more into photoshoots. Also learn more about video editting (and using a macbook) legit. I would have took all the time during gap year to lose more weight and make my own clean meals and stay healthier! 

I would still do everything i ever wanted before settling down in a job. Really… I wished I knew what I wanted back then. But it’s okay, I’m going to get them soon. 

Time to work and save then I’m going to go for a break (not one year lah probably 3 months?) and then think about what I wanna do in the meantime. Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work another day. 

So what would you have done if you could just do it?


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