Just thought I would like to share the different types of people in a group.

1. The listening ear. 

Well this person is the one you would go to whenever you wanna pour your feelings out (and of course the fineline is to ask them listen and not stand against you.) and ask them for opinions. But don’t forget, a listening ear needs someone as their listening ear too… 

2. The fashionista.

The one who is always carrying THE IN BAG, walk in THAT pair of heels, wearing THE trendy clothes. More or less the walking fashion icon. Probably buys and throws their stuff every week. 

3. The bro-dy.

Well the bro-dy is the BROTHER+BUDDY. The one who got your back no matter what until they have a girlfriend. 

4. The one who always has no money. 

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ya but true. Always ask them out, always say no money. Sometimes dont know is really no money or just dont want to hang out. Money is the root of friendship too. 

5. The giant. 

I’m pretty sure one of your friends would be the ‘outstanding’ one.. Probably 1 head above all, or just slightly taller than all. The very easy to spot on. 

6. The clubber. 

The every wed, fri, sat drink drank drunk one. Or maybe just dancing on podium and going home with a guy. Hahahahahah nah just kidding but pretty much the scene kid. 

7. The bitch. 

Basically bitchy. But I have no idea what to describe. I mean everyone just have a bitch or more in their clique right? If you dont, probably you are the bitch. 

8. The lost sheep. 

The one who goes like “huh? We did you all just say?” “Huh what happened?” Basically the one who gets lost in the conversation most of the time lah. Also known as the blur dude. 

9. The gym junkie. 

The protein shaker, the eat clean all day err day, the ‘calculate meals before eating’ yup. The keeping in shape one. Be it guys or girls. 

10. The joker. 

This person makes you laugh until you feel like going for a toilet visit. Or maybe not but yes this person keeps you entertained and it’s a bore without them. No laughter, no fun. 

11. The alpha. 

The one that leads the clique, the one that almost does all the things a leader should do.

12. The gossip queen.

Usually gets all the gossips on hand before anyone does or that he/she’s the person who knows everything (who is dating who, who fight with who etc etc) Normally the one who doesnt really listen in class but is listening to gossips. 

13. The generous.

No money? No problem. I lend you. No bring lunch? It’s okay. I treat you. Well this person gives alot and probably doesnt take alot. But never suck the generous dry. 

I know a clique might not even have so many people…but 1 person can take up 2 or more roles so yup! Hahaha.

Do share with me what other type of people there can be in a clique!

Have a great Wednesday! ❤


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