I thought since so many people liked my post on the Chicken Broccoli Pasta, I shall share another recipe!!! 

Okay a little background, I used to work at a salad shop before my poly days, so I kinda learn a few recipe there! E.g coleslaw, tuna nicoise, and this salad that I’m going to share! I didn’t entirely copy or steal their recipe because there isn’t a recipe to begin with. I just used the ingredients I can see with my eyes, and then the sauce is I anyhow found at the supermarket one! 

(Photo credits to google) I actually lost the photo of my very own soba salad but maybe I’ll make it soon again! 


BUCKWHEAT SOBA (because it’s healthier) – Can get it at Daiso! 

ZUCCHINI (some people calls this Japanese cucumber??? I’m not too sure.)


CORN (frozen or can) 

SHREDDED SEAWEED (can get it from daiso too.)   

ROASTE NUT SAUCE!  (Can get it at supermarkets.)  

(Photo credits from google.) 


– Cook the buckwheat soba (follow instructions on the packaging) Drain it, then put it in the fridge. 

– Make sure all your ingredients are cold enough, because it’s cold soba salad. 

– Wash, and slice zucchini, carrot. Drain corn if it’s from can, boil corn if it’s frozen (and cool it in the fridge) 

– Bring soba noodles out, sort portion, add some zucchini, carrot, and corn each portion! 

– Pour sauce into each portions. 

– Serve with seaweed! 

Simple right??? HAHAHA. Maybe I’ll upload another recipe tonight or tmr~ ^^ 


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