I’m back with a newwwwwwwwwwww post! Today I’m going to share with you all my favourite photo editing app!

I personally like my photos to be very ‘indie’ like this: click here.

1. Afterlight 

I initially tried it by downloading my friend’s paid version in my phone, and I bought it only when I grew to be soooooooooooooooooooooooooo addictive/ reliant with the app. You can adjust the clarity, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, (least used: highlights, shadows, fade, highlight tone, mid tone, shadow tone, temperature, grain, sharpen), vignette. I actually bought the ‘wander’ filters and no regrets. I probably spend quite a bit on this app but really worth it. Now you know my secret heh.

Favourite filters:

From wander: glen, mesa, rainier, loch, isle. 

From seasons: elm. 

From guest: russ, horine, idaho, nico. 

From original: relic, atlas, hollow, lume. 

2. VSCOcam 

I downloaded this app way before it was even popular. But decided that it was too limited ‘choices’ of filters, so I switch to Afterlight (and besides I didn’t upgrade my iOS so ya lo, cannot update also.) I’m waiting to change my phone so probably would give VSCOcam another try. Heh. But in terms of adjustment wise it’s a bit not as awesome as Afterlight (LOL, afterall it’s paid app what do you think?) and the photo size is limited eh (cannot go for 16:9).

My favourite filters are: F2 P5, T1 (+7), HB1, HB2, LV1, A6.

3. iPhone filters.

I usually take my photos either in Fade or Chrome. Then I import it to either Afterlight or VSCOcam, *voila* then up it goes to Instagram.

My instagram photos are either taken by my iPhone 5C, or Nikon P510 or Panasonic DMC-XS1. I am seriously considering getting a sony RX100iii (but it’s like close to 1K), and my cameras are still working fine omg! I now bring my panasonic out on weekends because I realize it takes really good photo at night even though it’s small (lol at my Nikon *points at it and say shame on you*)


taken by nikon (2013, actual day)

taken by panasonic. (2013 NDP)

LOL can’t really tell the differences here but it is quite obvious when seen on screen.

So yup, here’s how i edit my instagram photo!


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