Hello everyone! 

I’m back, on I’ve been on hiatus for a period of time, I know. Have been really busy sorting out personal issues, juggling with work, and birthday stuffs. 

So now that I’m more or less done, and balanced with things, I am ready to be back on track here again! Actually I wanted to come back in september officially, but you know, I’m efficient with a capital E. Okay that’s not the point. The point is, there’s a few things to aniticipate/ look forward to/ stay tuned here, you know why? 

1. If you are planning to go Tokyo, you’ll in luck! 

Because I’m going to do a full (or not) guide on tips on travelling to Tokyo/ tips on planning a trip to Tokyo, what to eat in Tokyo, what to do in Tokyo. Basically, almost everything you need to know. Don’t thank me yet. I will be uploading probably 2-4 videos on Tokyo too, with different catagories! So do stay tuned here, I’ll be back with fully loaded post ok! Actually I hope to do it asap while I’m there but you know it’s not good to rush so great things are worth the wait. I assure you. 

2. If you are thinking of doing a photoshoot with your best friend, or your other half, or your family, and you have a budget to meet…

Do email me at, and we can work out something. Not too expensive yet equally fantastic kind of deal! I know the pain of wanting to do a photoshoot but you know it’s kinda expensive. You want the quality but the cost for it is high. I can assure you both quality photos and an afforable rate (so don’t worry about your pocket)! In time to come, I might even plan to give discount to graduating students who plan to do a shoot with their fellow classmates/friends etc etc. Fyi: Just to let you know, I’ll only start doing photoshoots from October onwards. 

3. I’m still considering to do a monthly video, or just travel-logs. 

In the meantime, I would post videos of my trips to USS/ river safari or etc etc. If you want, you can also follow me on snapchat! 

So that’s it for now. I would have more news to share once everything is settled in! Right now, I can’t decide to get a SJcam or invest in a Canon Legria Mini X. 

Till then. Xx


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