I think I just ✓ one of the best decision made ever this year.

I went to cut my hair. Snipped 3 inches off, and it’s so light now (I use lesser shampoo too). I received lots of compliments for my hair, and it’s probably the first time I did not complain after a hair-cut. My hair is now like…

okay, but still black hair lah.

And also, I started Zumba classes on Monday (every Monday), and was supposed to hit the gym today, but my cough is not being kind to me. I’ve been coughing so much and (like my lungs were coming out) I can’t breathe normally (blocked nose), so I decided to skip gym and have a good o’ bowl of tamago buta don. 😁

I know I’m supposed to blog about Tokyo, but I’ve been really busy. 😣I will probably start blogging after all the videos are up on Youtube. I’m looking forward to traveling and making travel diaries, and also probably monthly favourites! (Actually I’m planning to do a October Haul video soon.)

My resolution for this end of year would be to lose weight (cough), gym often/exercise often, stick to salad for dinner, have more subscribers on Youtube, and probably coming up with my very first ‘website’. I miss my caesar salad now.

Okay, it’s bedtime. Nights everybody. On a happier note, TVD is back tmr! ✌🏼