I think I just ✓ one of the best decision made ever this year.

I went to cut my hair. Snipped 3 inches off, and it’s so light now (I use lesser shampoo too). I received lots of compliments for my hair, and it’s probably the first time I did not complain after a hair-cut. My hair is now like…

okay, but still black hair lah.

And also, I started Zumba classes on Monday (every Monday), and was supposed to hit the gym today, but my cough is not being kind to me. I’ve been coughing so much and (like my lungs were coming out) I can’t breathe normally (blocked nose), so I decided to skip gym and have a good o’ bowl of tamago buta don. 😁

I know I’m supposed to blog about Tokyo, but I’ve been really busy. 😣I will probably start blogging after all the videos are up on Youtube. I’m looking forward to traveling and making travel diaries, and also probably monthly favourites! (Actually I’m planning to do a October Haul video soon.)

My resolution for this end of year would be to lose weight (cough), gym often/exercise often, stick to salad for dinner, have more subscribers on Youtube, and probably coming up with my very first ‘website’. I miss my caesar salad now.

Okay, it’s bedtime. Nights everybody. On a happier note, TVD is back tmr! ✌🏼



MIN’S 21ST <3

YAY, I am finally gonna sit down and blog about my 21st birthday…erm, party or celebration whatever you call it. It’s a small scale gathering with people who matters to me, and people who cares about me and love me, and shower me with LOTS OF LOVE. Wait, do I make any sense? But whatever.

Okay probably a few years ago I would have planned to have my 21st at MBS suite with like the whole universe of people I know. But things changed, people grew up and apart, so instead, I initially wanted to do away with this whole party thingy but just a month before I decided to throw a small scale one with my love ones, because after all, this is for myself. 

Unless you are super efficient, and good with planning partyPLAN AT LEAST 2 MONTHS BEFOREHAND


✓Decide on the venue (based on convenience, number of guest or the price.)

For me, I initially wanted Naumi Hotel, have dinner at ROUSE and cake cut in the hotel room. But I felt like it’s just not really what I want. I don’t feel happy and contented. Moreover I have to pay $300 plus for the rooms, and my birthday falls in the 7th month so… I dropped the whole hotel party thingy, and wanted to scrap off party. My parents plan to bring me to Disneyland, as my birthday present, so yes I have a birthday trip coming up next. Just 1 month before, I thought it through, if I miss this, it’s never 21 again. So I planned for a small scale one, initially at my lift lobby, but my parents think it’s better to do it at home. So yup, final decision: my house. 

✓Invitation cards

I can’t be bothered to collect each and everyone’s address, so I decided to send it over whatsapp. Did my own invitation card using photoshop and send it out! 😀

I didn’t really wanna use those standard ones, or zazzle / paperlesspost ones so I came up with my own simple invitation!

You can always try zazzle/ paperlesspost if you don’t wanna make your own ones!

✓Having a theme or not

I was torn between RED and BLACK (the mickey-ish theme) or BLACK and GOLD (which is super common), and NAVY BLUE and GOLD (which not many people would have navy blue shirts/dress). And guess what, my theme came after I bought my decors. (LOL) I went to typo to get these (by accident).

 Long story short: I went in to typo, saw this bunting, bought it and tada.

And then, I was very determined to use ‘cooper’ font for my letters. Don’t ask me why, it just came to my mind (the look of the font) and then I went to slowly find THE font in words and thank god I found it within 10 mins.

I type it in words, and then print out, and cut it out by myself, glue them/ double tape them on the buntings, and tada. In case you are wondering, I got the red glitter hearts at made with love (313). I bought it without thinking of what is it for and (HAHA) it end up of good use hah.


I got the heart and star balloons from some shop near Bugis plus, 5 bucks each. 2 and 1 balloon at a shop near bugis plus too (different shop) and it’s 5 bucks each too I think? My mum got the balloon pump from NTUC (If I’m not wrong), and we actually stick the balloon up like 2 days before the party? HAHA. Cool right. Perks of doing a party at home!


Went to NTUC and got like 2 bottles of green tea (pokka) WHO DOESN’T LOVE GREEN TEA? 1 strawberry tea (pokka), and 1 sprite. My mum filled a tupperware with drinking water too, and we made quite abit of ice ourselves.


Food is mini buffet from neo garden! I order 10 pax (AND IT WAS ALOT.), I had around 13 pax actually. My dad went to help me collect the food at Enterprise road there.

  • I bought french baguette from Delifrance at 2 for $5 for the curry chicken
  • My dad made potato salad with baked almond slices but I think not every one likes it. 😦

I made the menu myself too, by using words. HAHA.

Talk about efficiency, I ordered pizza in advanced at 2.10 pm and call for delivery at 6.10 pm but they came at 5.45 pm (Way too early, and it was cold already when all my guest arrived.) I ordered 3 large pizzas at $48 (+$3.50) = $51.50, (hawaiian, chicken supreme, ranch style chicken.)


I spent around: $190 + $51.50 = $250 for food (~13 pax)


7″ hero, $45 (for 10 pax) I think it was a little bit not enough but my friends all say it’s just right (guess they were full from the food hah.) – delivery by them 

Prior to my birthday party, I am super sure that I don’t want fondant cakes. I actually wanted Chocolate banana cake from Secret recipe, and then I change my mind to Rainbow cake from NOM, and then I kept changing, it was Chef Yamashita’s mille feuille cake, but too hard to cut. And then 1 week before I was like “why didn’t I think of tiramisu?” So I went down to taste the cake with TK and I was torn between Original and Oreo, and I decided on Oreo because WHO DOESN’T LOVE OREO? 

✓My photographers!

TK was my photographer of the night, and then Leon helped abit, and Rachel was my polaroid photographer! Hehe.

✓Guestbook signing area.

I printed the ‘wait’ note and frame it up, got the letters from TYPO (actually for my room but also can use it lah.), and washi tape I collected over the years tgt with my colour pens. Stickers from paper market. DIY those photo booth props from (near) scratch. 😀 I spent quite alot of stickers and pens so don’t even ask how much I spent.

And as for the polaroids, it’s hang on my mirror.

The flowers are hand picked by my mum, and the vase (she diy herself.)

I totally forgot about planning games/ programs for my guest and thank god they kept themselves busy HAHA. 

Such a lousy host I am but hey at least now they made friends with one and other and it’s so fun!

I’m glad everyone stick to the theme and came in black. It’s a mad dull dress code but it’s nice to me. I shall post the photos here and sit back, relax and enjoy!



She actually pose for this photo LOL.

(she came after cake cutting from work!)

YAY finally, CAKE CUTTING before everyone went back to their social activity:

To my dearest parents:

Thank you for helping me out by tidying and cleaning the house for my 21st birthday house party, and of course helping me in every possible way. I wouldn’t be here without you two meeting each other, falling in love, and the rest is history. I may not be the best daughter but I am thankful for everything you both have done for me. I’m sorry to have said that you guys didn’t love me enough when I was a rebellious teenager back then. It’s just words out of anger. Thank you daddy and mummy, for bringing me up, giving me the best and nurturing me. ❤

To TK:

Thank you for running around with me for weeks to get all the things I needed to make this party happen, I know it’s quite tiring but nevertheless thank you. And also thank you for helping me take photos, and sorry that you didn’t have enough rest time/ eating time because guests was continuously flowing in at different timings. Sorry darling. 😦 But you know I love you right? ❤

My dearest best friend, Rachel:

Thank you is not even enough but thank you. See you on Wednesday! ❤

The 3 jokers:

Thank you for coming guys! (erm yes that includes you CTK.) and thank you for being early, I like punctual people!!!


Thank you for taking the time down! 😀

To the listening ears:



THANK YOU!!! ❤ ❤ ❤




LOL oops.

From everywhere else:

(probably my fav photo that night)

Craftholic from Leon, which is a neck pillow and a sketch of MINIONS!

The typo bag is from PFI, and it’s a DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME OK. I did not see that coming and they know me so well lor. I love albums so they gave me 16/32gb and I can store unlimited photos HAHA. (not really unlimited but you get the idea.) Sephora is from Huijia, LIP BALM FROM CLINIQUE OMG. Pandora from Serena, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARM, and chomel bag from Joey (necklace and a coin(?) pouch from PRIMARK apparently!

Tiffany and co: one from TK, and one from my grandparents (The key necklace) and a pair of GOLD earrings from TK’s parents!!! Thank you aunty uncle!!  ❤

Here’s the end of the photo spam of my party…but my birthday is still not here so technically I’m still 20. 😀 I know 10 guests is probably a really small number but these people are the ones that matters to me a lot, and I hope I matters as much too to them. Thank you for coming everyone, I hope next year, I do a better job at hosting the party (YES you heard me, next year.) I’m gonna plan in advanced okay, no joke. Probably at MBS hah. AHAHAHA. Thank you everyone of you. ❤ you guys!


As for me, this 21 years is filled with lots of ups and downs, I had gone through quite a bit. Every hurdle thrown at me, every obstacle to cross over, I think I managed to handle it well and this is why I’m never weak. (except physically lah.) I’m emotionally strong after so many years because I learn to pick myself up every time I fall.

I’m thankful my parents don’t spoil me, instead they teach me “good things only came when you put in the effort for it” and that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Most of my friends have the same first impression of me which is loud/ bold/ loyal. And they all say that I am very honest/ real which is good because I don’t pretend to like you. If I don’t like you, you would probably know it straight.

I’ll be even better, and I hope I would be the best of me. Here’s me signing off as 20 years old, and I think being 21 years old would be even more awesome than ever. ❤

p.s: I can’t wait for this weekend to come because my biggest and bestest present is coming. 😀 Till then. 🙂


Hello everyone! 

I’m back, on I’ve been on hiatus for a period of time, I know. Have been really busy sorting out personal issues, juggling with work, and birthday stuffs. 

So now that I’m more or less done, and balanced with things, I am ready to be back on track here again! Actually I wanted to come back in september officially, but you know, I’m efficient with a capital E. Okay that’s not the point. The point is, there’s a few things to aniticipate/ look forward to/ stay tuned here, you know why? 

1. If you are planning to go Tokyo, you’ll in luck! 

Because I’m going to do a full (or not) guide on tips on travelling to Tokyo/ tips on planning a trip to Tokyo, what to eat in Tokyo, what to do in Tokyo. Basically, almost everything you need to know. Don’t thank me yet. I will be uploading probably 2-4 videos on Tokyo too, with different catagories! So do stay tuned here, I’ll be back with fully loaded post ok! Actually I hope to do it asap while I’m there but you know it’s not good to rush so great things are worth the wait. I assure you. 

2. If you are thinking of doing a photoshoot with your best friend, or your other half, or your family, and you have a budget to meet…

Do email me at, and we can work out something. Not too expensive yet equally fantastic kind of deal! I know the pain of wanting to do a photoshoot but you know it’s kinda expensive. You want the quality but the cost for it is high. I can assure you both quality photos and an afforable rate (so don’t worry about your pocket)! In time to come, I might even plan to give discount to graduating students who plan to do a shoot with their fellow classmates/friends etc etc. Fyi: Just to let you know, I’ll only start doing photoshoots from October onwards. 

3. I’m still considering to do a monthly video, or just travel-logs. 

In the meantime, I would post videos of my trips to USS/ river safari or etc etc. If you want, you can also follow me on snapchat! 

So that’s it for now. I would have more news to share once everything is settled in! Right now, I can’t decide to get a SJcam or invest in a Canon Legria Mini X. 

Till then. Xx



Hoolas!! I’m back, with a ultra wordy post with no pictures. I’m gonna talk about how I planned my party, and preparations, and etc etc. Almost every thing you might need to know (or not), and that you can consider!

1. Venue

So the main issues would be the venue. Some people go for hotel suites, some people book their condo function room, some people do it at chalet, I picked my house. Reason being I didn’t plan on inviting a lot of people, and I wanted a cosy and intermate kind of party/celebration, and it’s easier to do it at home because I think at least I don’t have to buy and move to the hotel/function rooms/chalet. 

Advantage: I don’t have to pick up guests from hotel lobby, or security guard house (idk if there is a need). 

Actually I wanted NSRCC but transport was a problem, aranda was another issue because of the venue (too far from home and most of my friends stays in the west side), and no thanks to downtown east/aloha.

But if your number of guests is too many for your house to handle, pick Chalet then. I guest the downside about doing it at home is tidying and packing my house. I am serious lol. ($0 foc!)

2. Theme

After you decide on number of guests, and venue. It’s the theme. I initially wanted mickey mouse themed, black and gold, white and gold, navy and gold, etc etc. Weirdly, I ended up with something else. I guess seeing black and gold/white and gold was too common for 21st birthdays. Like most my friends went for the same theme. I wanted blue and red because it was my favourite two colour but it kinda feels like 4th of July instead of my 21st birthday instead. So I picked (click here on 1st sept because I’m keeping my theme as a secret.) this colours for my theme!

3. Food and drinks

After theme, comes food! My parents offered to cook but I think it’s too tiring for them (they add up too a 100 years old pair already), so I decided on catering + pizza. I picked mini buffet catering because my number of guests was smaller than usual 30. And I thought of having varieties too. Mini buffet + pizzas + cake = more than enough I guess? (About $100-$200)

I got my drinks from NTUC. 2 bottles of green tea, 1 sprite and 1 strawberry tea! (Under $5/6)

4. Cake

I haven actually decide my cake yet but I’m opening my options. Banana chocolate cake doesnt seems good enough..though it’s my favourite cake. But piece of advice, don’t pay so much money for fondants. They are just sugar, people. Yes it might be insta-worthier, but it’s not that healthy. (Not like cakes are healthy but fondant cakes are the worst.) ($40-$100)

5. Photos/videos

Now, photography/videography, no videographer but I have a boyfriend who has a DSLR and tripod and remote control, so I guess I’ll make do? I’ll probably step in as my own photographer for my party, because I’m too much of a perfectionist like this? I owned a polaroid camera and my best friend has polaroid camera too, so not much of a problem.

6. Guestbook

I got my guestbook from Typo (~$20-$30) and I DIY it myself, personalizing it, and writing messages for people to leave a note for me. I bought photoframe and did a note for people to take a polaroid and put it in the guestbook with their message! Got those nice markers/pens from popular for over $5-$6, and some washi tapes I collected over the years came in handy too!

7. Decor

My decors was pretty simple, I bought twines, (from qoo10) and Typo’s bunting (I chanced upon it while window shopping and bought it anyways.) and immediately on the spot I already eureka the font to match my buntings. Inspirations flowing through, so nicely. Got 2&1 foil balloons from Bugis, at $5 each, and got another 2 foil balloons (star and heart) at $5 each too. I print the fonts, and cut them myself, paste them myself (with the help of my meticulous mama lau) at 12am on one of the friday night.

8. Props

I also DIY my own photobooth props instead of buying ready made ones. Sometimes I could find people laughing at me. Like why trouble yourself when you can buy ready-made ones online or those craft stores. The feeling after you finish the props, is just so awesome. It’s like you did something for yourself, and it’s the fruit of your labour. I mean if you are ok with those ready-made ones, you can purchase them. For me, the ready-made ones are not up to my likings, therefore I DIY.

Hmm, did I miss out anything?

Oh wait. I also did my own invitation card, and wrote my own thank you cards for all my guests. I hope everything goes smoothly on that day itself, and I can then blog with more photos! Oh as for my outfit,

9. Outfit

I have not decided. Hehehe. 

(edit: decided already!)



I’m back with a newwwwwwwwwwww post! Today I’m going to share with you all my favourite photo editing app!

I personally like my photos to be very ‘indie’ like this: click here.

1. Afterlight 

I initially tried it by downloading my friend’s paid version in my phone, and I bought it only when I grew to be soooooooooooooooooooooooooo addictive/ reliant with the app. You can adjust the clarity, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, (least used: highlights, shadows, fade, highlight tone, mid tone, shadow tone, temperature, grain, sharpen), vignette. I actually bought the ‘wander’ filters and no regrets. I probably spend quite a bit on this app but really worth it. Now you know my secret heh.

Favourite filters:

From wander: glen, mesa, rainier, loch, isle. 

From seasons: elm. 

From guest: russ, horine, idaho, nico. 

From original: relic, atlas, hollow, lume. 

2. VSCOcam 

I downloaded this app way before it was even popular. But decided that it was too limited ‘choices’ of filters, so I switch to Afterlight (and besides I didn’t upgrade my iOS so ya lo, cannot update also.) I’m waiting to change my phone so probably would give VSCOcam another try. Heh. But in terms of adjustment wise it’s a bit not as awesome as Afterlight (LOL, afterall it’s paid app what do you think?) and the photo size is limited eh (cannot go for 16:9).

My favourite filters are: F2 P5, T1 (+7), HB1, HB2, LV1, A6.

3. iPhone filters.

I usually take my photos either in Fade or Chrome. Then I import it to either Afterlight or VSCOcam, *voila* then up it goes to Instagram.

My instagram photos are either taken by my iPhone 5C, or Nikon P510 or Panasonic DMC-XS1. I am seriously considering getting a sony RX100iii (but it’s like close to 1K), and my cameras are still working fine omg! I now bring my panasonic out on weekends because I realize it takes really good photo at night even though it’s small (lol at my Nikon *points at it and say shame on you*)


taken by nikon (2013, actual day)

taken by panasonic. (2013 NDP)

LOL can’t really tell the differences here but it is quite obvious when seen on screen.

So yup, here’s how i edit my instagram photo!



I have been googling and reading up on how to lose weight effectively, quickly, in a shortest time ever. And my answer is “There is no shortcut.” 

But there is a guideline on how to lose weight over the time. A crash diet doesn’t magically make those fats/extra weight disappear into thin air. But changing your diet would. Living a healthy life, eating healthier food would definitely help in weight loss. 

1. Change your mindset. Change your lifestyle. 

“Don’t start a diet that has an expiration date. Focus on a lifestyle that will last forever.”

Losing weight, keeping fit is a lifelong journey. Let’s admit it, why diet when you wanna suffer a few months, look good, then go back to those unhealthy eating habits??? Change the way you eat, and it will change the way you are. Having a positive mindset is important, having a realistic goal is achieveable, having an inspiration to motivate you keeps you stick to plan better. Do you wanna eat unhealthy now, and suffer when you are old, or eat healthier all the way till you are old? For me, my goal is simple, eat clean, and once in a while indulge in good food, because it’s okay to let your body enjoy. 

2. Workout at least 3 times a week.

“The only bad workout you can have is the only one you didn’t do.”

Trust me, even if you ran maybe 10 mins, it’s better than sitting down on the sofa eating potato chips. Right? If I can fork out a portion of my time after my work to run, who else has excuses? I know of people who still gyms despite the fact that they are fasting, so what is your excuse again? I know what excuse you got, “I prefer being unhealthy.” Skinny without exercising doesnt mean you are healthy, skinny without exercising but you eat healthily, that is maybe healthy. But no, don’t think you are skinny, you can skip exercising!!! 

3. Remember to:

– Drink lots of water. 

Keep your body hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water, (as everyone says). I would drink at least 4 bottles of 24oz (750ml) water everyday (week day), and just started drinking green tea in the morning to boost my metabolism! 

– Stay away from sugar, or sweets. 

I stop eating sweets unless I really need to, because I feel giddy/weak. But generally I stop consuming sweets. And I have been trying my best to stay away from sugary stuff… It’s hard to stay away but once in a while with cardio, it’s okay I guess? 

– Eat less carbs, more protein!!! 

This is the key to losing weight actually. Cut your carbs by 1/4, then slowly 1/3 then 1/2, and that should be your portion for dinner. Or even lesser actually. More proteins!!! Stock your fridge with more chicken breast, white fish, salmon as main source of proteins, and lots of veges, and mushrooms, tofu etc etc! 

– Have at least 8 hours of sleep. 

Sleep is very essential for the body! You wouldn’t want to overwork your body and then jeopardize your health, end up sick, and have to skip your workouts right??? So SLEEP! Put your phone down and sleep! 

4. Stay happy and motivated. 

“It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changin, 8 weeks for your friends and family, 12 weeks for the rest of the whole. 

Keep going.” 

Don’t be dishearten if you cant see any results during the first 4 weeks, maybe it turns more time to notice!!! Never give up simply you can’t see the results!! Don’t be impatient~ follow fitness inspiration on instagram /tumblr / blog/ twitter!! 

Here’s my few tips on losing weight, I actually think everyone of it is equally important / essential when it comes to weight loss! Cannot leave out any of it! 

And, I’m going to try some smoothies recipe/ more salad recipes and share here soon okay! Hope everyone starts livinf a healthier lifestyle and be the best of themselves! 

Enjoy your weekends! Xx


I thought since so many people liked my post on the Chicken Broccoli Pasta, I shall share another recipe!!! 

Okay a little background, I used to work at a salad shop before my poly days, so I kinda learn a few recipe there! E.g coleslaw, tuna nicoise, and this salad that I’m going to share! I didn’t entirely copy or steal their recipe because there isn’t a recipe to begin with. I just used the ingredients I can see with my eyes, and then the sauce is I anyhow found at the supermarket one! 

(Photo credits to google) I actually lost the photo of my very own soba salad but maybe I’ll make it soon again! 


BUCKWHEAT SOBA (because it’s healthier) – Can get it at Daiso! 

ZUCCHINI (some people calls this Japanese cucumber??? I’m not too sure.)


CORN (frozen or can) 

SHREDDED SEAWEED (can get it from daiso too.)   

ROASTE NUT SAUCE!  (Can get it at supermarkets.)  

(Photo credits from google.) 


– Cook the buckwheat soba (follow instructions on the packaging) Drain it, then put it in the fridge. 

– Make sure all your ingredients are cold enough, because it’s cold soba salad. 

– Wash, and slice zucchini, carrot. Drain corn if it’s from can, boil corn if it’s frozen (and cool it in the fridge) 

– Bring soba noodles out, sort portion, add some zucchini, carrot, and corn each portion! 

– Pour sauce into each portions. 

– Serve with seaweed! 

Simple right??? HAHAHA. Maybe I’ll upload another recipe tonight or tmr~ ^^