Here’s my very own chicken broccoli fusilli!

I don’t have a recipe for you to follow actually but I can roughly describe ok! Don’t bash me for the weird recipe description.


Chicken breast




Teriyaki sauce

Italian herbs


– Wash and clean the chicken breast, tear it or chop it to smaller pieces. Marinate it with teriyaki sauce, and abit of water, and throw in LOTS OF italian herbs!!! Then put it in the fridge for 10 mins at least! (I haven try using lemon juice to tenderize it, next time next time.)

– Wash broccoli, chop it to smaller stalks, throw it in BOILING SALTED WATER. And let it boil for 3 mins, scoop it up after 3 mins, marinate it with a bit of teriyaki sauce and italian herbs (or you can dont need to marinate it.)

– Chop garlic into minced garlic!

– Using the boiling salted water, cook fusilli for 15 mins (other pasta has different cooking times) and KEEP THE RESERVED WATER! 

– Now bring the chicken out, heat (small fire) your pan with olive oil, throw in the chicken breast and stir fry it! (BEWARE OF OIL SPLASHING.)

– Add in minced garlic after chicken is cooked, throw in broccoli and stir fry it until all almost cooked, add in reserved water (agar agar) and then throw in fusilli, stir/cook it, SPAM ITALIAN HERBS and maybe OLIVE OIL if you want, then cover it. Let it shimmer.

– Tada, serve and eat!

Verdict: 4/5! My first time achieving a much softer chicken breast! Lol usually I suck at cooking chicken breast but ytd one was good!

Can’t wait to try new recipe next week! Upcoming – potato and egg salad, egg carbonara, chicken breast (or salmon)  with mushroom, maybe pull pork pasta too!

It might not sounds/seems healthy but it’s healthier than outside lah duh. I hope to create healthy but yummy food. After all dinner you are not supposed to eat SO MUCH. Hahaha, hope to be a better cook with more ideas (to prepare myself as a wife and a mother) and more variations!



Not exactly change but there were multiple changes around me, or that I made some changes in myself or just changes. 

It’s July already, I’m 2 months away from from legally 21. And I feel weird, daunted, and just scared. How is it like to be a legal adult? I haven been to clubs before even though 18 was the legal age. What a country bumpkin! 

2015, I fell sick alot. Mainly because of my sensitive throat that gets inflammation very easily, and leads to fever, ear inflammation etc etc. I hate being sick, but rest was something never enough for my body. 

I started loving Avocado milkshakes (have never tried any nice ones until my Intern made me some homemade ones) and I haven had mutton/lamb for like half a year already?!??! It used to be antagonizing for me not to have mutton/lamb but now it’s like I’m used to it already! 

I started my running regime again, and sticking to what my PT planned for me, I made progress almost every run but thanks to my ear inflammation, I can’t go for run until I’m FULLY RECOVERED. By that it means like another week or so. And I have to start slow again. In terms of diet, I wouldn’t say I eat VERY clean but I stick to wholemeal bread > whitebread, brown rice > white rice, more proteins!!! I can’t survive without carbs, as much as I wanna do without them. And I swop Ice cream with Banana freeze Ice cream!!! So I do hope I can keep up to it! 🙂 

This year I made a personal one sided closure with some friends, because I kept to “friendship isn’t about whom you know the longest, but it’s about who came and never left.” Some ‘friends’ are just people whom you think are ‘friends’ just cause you guys knew for a long time. This is also the year I argued with my BFF of 7 years because of what I did, and what she did, and we almost fell apart. I realized the rest of the “clique” are just people who are there because you know them for a very long time but not those who genuinely care about you. I wouldn’t pick them as my bridesmaid, even though I know them longer than any one else. 

This year I made a point to meet up with people who keep me close to their heart and people whom I keep close to my heart. People whom I knew through work/internship instead of schoolmates. It feels so blessed to find people whom share the same frequency as you, and same thinking as you. People who truly cares about you, and you truly care about them. They are actually the ones that cares more about my love life/wedding/ marriage etc instead of just being kaypoh

This year I was forced to choose between two person that I hold close to my heart. To be honest, I felt like it was a right choice to make, and I won’t say I regret anything about it. I wished I said the right thing instead though. Being a tough bitch as usual, I go by the harsh and hard way. As much as I’m not someone to choose for others, but I choose for myself, and a choice I thought was wiser than hanging on a thin and loose string. 

This year I learn that, blood is thicker than water but it doesn’t apply to people outside the zone of father and mother. As in, your grandFATHER and grandMOTHER as considered in the zone. But any one other than the 4/6 of them, it’s nothing else. I learn that only my parents, and maybe my grandparents truly care about me, my relatives all have their own family, so they barely give shit about me, so why should I give shit about them? 

This year, I gave lesser shit to people, to things to anything. I can’t be bothered. The lesser shit you give to people, the happier you’ll be. The time you save up on giving shit to people can be used to learning something more constructive. Also, words only hurts when you let it get to you, if not it’s just words. Positive vibes, happy mood = better day! 

A few more changes I wish to achieve/ make would be losing weight, healthier diet/lifestyle, and changing my temper (>_<) before the year ends. 

This year, my room is going to undergo some mini makeover, tgt with my closet, and my body(physique). Can’t wait to show you guys my new room tour when it’s all done up, and my clothing/make up hauls, and regular video updates (hehe!) 

Till then, stay happy and awesome everyone! 


I’m sure most of us (who are planning to settle down, or swinging singles above 35) would queue for a HDB flat once in our lifetime (*this applies to Singaporeans or PR), or maybe not if you are those rich kids, or born with a silver spoon in the mouth  who doesn’t like HDB and prefer condo/ landed/ bungalow etc etc. And queuing for your own flat is an eye-opener. I swear. I feel like you are not just queuing for a house, but building a place call home. (home is not only a place, but where the people makes it feel like home.)

1. We actually pay $50~$90 for town council fee. 

Seriously but I didn’t know we pay the workers so much to keep our area clean! Call me ignorant or what, but I didn’t know it was so much. Lolol and my parents are paying $89 for town council because of the word executive in front of the word ‘apartment’ so I find it a bit ridiculous because not like our neighbourhood is a whole lot bigger than those 4 rooms neighbourhood. I got to know about town council fee when I was reading @tippytapp’s dayre post here.

2. It cost a bomb to remove a obstacle to our dream. 

The obstacle is actually just walls that might be “preventing” us to have a dream kitchen or dream room/ closet etc. My dream kitchen would be dry and wet kitchen separated by a sliding glass door, and dry kitchen to extend to island table top with bar counter chairs! And to hack the walls to make this happen, it cost almost $400-  $1000 but I know you have to apply for some approval and stuff, and you might or might not be approved at your first try! So good luck everybody~


3. Every girl’s dream to have walk in wardrobe will just be a dream.

I have totally thought of converting / joining the room to MBR for my walk in walkdrobe to happen! But think about it in the long ride, it’s not feasible. I’m sure my kids would need the space more than my clothes does, so it’s okay not to have a walk in wardrobe! But I am sure, with my creativity (cough), and interior design flair (cough again), I can make a mini walk in wardrobe in my own MBR without ‘eating’ in space of the other rooms! (though I still love the idea of walk in wardrobe alot.)



4. Dream house is achievable even in HDB. 

As long as you got the money, the correct id to bring out your dreams to reality, anything is possible! I mean your luck with an ID must be awesome, and the partnership must be there, so the end product would be top notch too! As for me, I know we want, and I don’t think there will be any HUGE problems, because mainly our Dads are ‘engineers/contractors/construction/architect’ along that line. And that I spend my time salivating at interior design porn. 

5. Having your own house is the big purchase ever.

I have yet to feel the “wow” about having a house YET. But I could not stop dreaming about how my future house can be! And it’s just sooooooo unbelievable to have our own house! @xiaxue’s house is just one good example to tell everyone that “it’s possible to have a beach theme house in the middle of HDBs”, and @ruffleswhiteskirt’s house is one living Scandinavian themed house! IT’s just so so so cool. 

 Here’s the few thing I learn, I know it might or might not greatly differs from yours. But after all it’s our biggest purchase of our lives so it sure is something to share about! 


1. Family will always be there for you.

This is true. Be it happy news, or what your colleagues did to you, or the work load, your parents are the first people you want tell. I mean this applies to me. My parents always shared like stories about their work life/ experience, and they teach me how to prevent from getting backstabbed, and alot more. They would support me mentally, or actually in any ways. My dad prepares my favourite food for dinner, it is like THE MOST HEART WARMING THING EVER TO COME HOME TO. And my mum sometimes prepare breakfast for me to bring to work too, extremely heartwarming moments.

2. When it comes to friends, it’s quality over quantity.

Yes, you will realized your circle of friends would sudden decrease in numbers, but fear not, they are usually the <worth it> ones. It doesn’t matter how often you meet them, or how often you whatsapp them, but when you do, it’s like you never once stop talking. Afterall, friendship isn’t about whom you know the longest, it’s about who came, and never left your side. I’m quite happy that I knew Joey from internship, and Serena from my part time job, they are the unexpected but worth-it friendships. 

3. Making more time for yourself.

I don’t know if everyone feels the same as me but I feel like I want more time for myself. I feel like spending time just with me and myself. I have been like spending time at home, just doing my stuff, and learning new things (hehe it’s a secret), and making plans for my future. And weirdly, I have been heading home very often recently, and running by myself to clear my head.

4. Your other half is also your best (guy) friend.

Sometimes, you will actually share what happen to you at work to your bf then to your best friend. He is the next of kin you would have (eventually if you are planning to get married.) He would be the person you spend the rest of your life with, and of course you wouldn’t wanna keep things from him right? Technically I share everything with my bf (about work) but I try not to do it so often because I don’t want to bring work home…But some times, I do mention it because it just pops up in my mind. And vice versa, he shares things that happened during his work too.

5. Travel is the only way to relax.

Forget about being ‘on leave’ because it’s not ‘on leave’ until you are not contactable. As long as you are contactable, phones calls will keep coming, messages will keep flooding. Hence, over being out-of-sg is the only way to be away from work. And honestly, I am so looking forward to going overseas because whenever I’m on leave, I’m still working. Giving instructions, and solving problems when I’m on leave. Not funny at all. After all the projects, travelling to see the world is one good way to reward yourself for working hard enough, and telling yourself to work harder after the trip, for the next bigger holiday. Win-win situation aye.

6. Money comes and money goes. 

Payday arrives, money goes in, pay bills pay loans pay this pay that, parent’s allowance etc etc. In a blink of an eye a few hundreds just goes out very quickly. To me, money is to reward yourself for working hard. It’s your PAY, your INCOME, you ought to pamper yourself once in a while with that. Not keep it inside all the time and act like a bloody miser. I feel like I’m rather bad at savings, but hey I changed okay. The thought of wedding, honeymoon, house is enough to make me change my spending habits. I used to spend like $200-$500 a month on clothes and unnecessary stuffs and now it’s payback time.

7. One day your best friend is going to be another person’s other half.

Well technically not just my best friend, but all of my friends. One day they are going to get married, and have a family of their own, and the time they can give you is going to be very little. So it’s time to be understanding. But if they can make time for others and not you, then delete them off the friend list please. 

8. It’s okay to be materialistic.

Everyday on the public transport, I see many woman carrying Chanel, Prada, etc etc and I find myself lusting over those branded bags too. I mean I don’t have that much earning power yet but it’s a goal for myself to achieve. My target is to own a Prada (by 25) and Chanel by 30. It’s like stepping stone. I learn it from Timothy Tiah. Once you get a Chanel, what is next?

9. It’s more than just being 21.

Being 21 technically just says “hey you are officially an adult.” I learn to be alot more independent, even before turning 21. I pay my own insurances, I pay my own bills, and I pay almost everything for myself (except for my roof lah.) But soon I would be paying for my own house…which is surreal. I realized those backstabbing bitches in high school was nothing as compared to double-headed snakes in work place. I learn to protect myself better, trust people lesser. Only see for yourself, but not listen to others. 

10. Long weekends/ public holidays are so much loved.

I USED TO HATE LONG WEEKENDS/ PUBLIC HOLIDAYS ALOT. BECAUSE I HATED TO STAY AT HOME. Really, I am serious. I wanted to be in school, with my friends, and no need to be stuck at home. But now I am dying to have long weekends. Sleep is really for the weak like me. Gone the days where I could stay up till late, and wake up late. Now is sleep late and regret the next day. 

I hope this didn’t bore you! Hope your mid week was awesome, and till next time, xoxo.



Recently I have been…running rather frequently. I mean I wanna cultivate it into a habit or routine. Nowadays my dad would prepare dinner (all kinds of cuisines), and after I reach home from work, I changed into sports wear and head out for a run.  

(Photo from weheartit)
I never realized how therapeutic it was to run, and run, and the wind blowing in your hair, sweat all over your face and body, it feels so good. Sadly, I only realized the beauty of runs last year. I remeber december 2013 was the first time ever I ran without stopping. Usually i’m like RUNNNNNNNNN, then “omg my leg hurts” or “omg my stomach stitching!” Or “omg i can’t breathe.” and then i STOP.

Now it’s all different. 

I began to run on a constant and comfortable pace, breath better, (actually I learn to pace myself better) and stop only when I’m done, not when I’m tired. 

And honestly I wished I continued running last year. The terrible / horrible weight gain just made me regret not running / working hard enough.

I’m back to running after work, and doing progression runs every alternate week! This week is week 3! TK (my personal trainer) ask me to start slow and slowly increase the durations, so currentlh I’m at 15 mins (targetting 2KM) I’m a really slow runner but not like i’m doing IPPT. So it’s okay.

This is something I want to do for long term. It’s a habit I wanna continue even after I’m married. 

Running to lose weight, running to keep fit, or running to take things off my mind. It’s beautifully therapeutic to me. 

Well, 1 year from now, I want to thank myself for dragging my ass out for runs and make a change to my body. I don’t know when will I ever get the chance to don in a wedding dress, but when I do, I want to be ready for it. I wanna look stunning, beautifully, amazing and blow my husband-to-be’s mind. 

On top of that, beach destination requires a beach body, not potato body. So yes, I want to be beach body ready too, so I can pick a beach location for my honeymoon! (Actually I want Europe more) but it’s good to be fit still! Less illnesses, and health-conscious!

Can’t wait to share how my training goes and how much my body change after 4 weeks, 8 week, 12 weeks and 6 months, then slowly to 1 year!

Cheers to all you girls out there losing those extra pounds, and road to being healthier than ever! 

I think I would make a really good wife/mother in future if I work from home, I would prepare them tasty and healthy meals every day heheheehehe. 


So tonight I decided to write a short post on…my trusty. So… who is my trusty?

It’s no other than my new balance 630! I’ve own is since 2012 and boy, it’s so comfortable! Well it has accompanied me through gym session, running at stadium, work-out session and now running on concrete ground. ❤ thank you my dearest! You have been with me since so long ago and you are still very lasting! Thankkkkkk you!

Our encounter was really funny. It was at IMM, and I saw you (blue attracted me) and you were HALF PRICE. ($50+) and I tried on, fits and I left the shop with you. After that I saw the same shoe at queensway selling at $70 or $90 and I therefore convinced myself, you were my best buy ever. 

3 years with you and we have been through a lot. You saw me through the first time I managed to push myself through without stopping (dec 13) and my first 5km run (may 14)! Thank you 😀

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

And shoe wears and tears, and I guess it’s time to find another trusty pair of shoes to keep me running further and faster. (of course a lighter pair of shoe with better sole.)

I do hope I get another pair of new balance because it’s good but at the same time Nike is sooooo tempting. Whatever it is, I hope my next pair of running shoes will bring me to greater heights, and of course more achievement unlocking, with its companion! 😀

Meanwhile I’m still going to wear my trusty till I can find another companion.


Just thought I would like to share the different types of people in a group.

1. The listening ear. 

Well this person is the one you would go to whenever you wanna pour your feelings out (and of course the fineline is to ask them listen and not stand against you.) and ask them for opinions. But don’t forget, a listening ear needs someone as their listening ear too… 

2. The fashionista.

The one who is always carrying THE IN BAG, walk in THAT pair of heels, wearing THE trendy clothes. More or less the walking fashion icon. Probably buys and throws their stuff every week. 

3. The bro-dy.

Well the bro-dy is the BROTHER+BUDDY. The one who got your back no matter what until they have a girlfriend. 

4. The one who always has no money. 

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ya but true. Always ask them out, always say no money. Sometimes dont know is really no money or just dont want to hang out. Money is the root of friendship too. 

5. The giant. 

I’m pretty sure one of your friends would be the ‘outstanding’ one.. Probably 1 head above all, or just slightly taller than all. The very easy to spot on. 

6. The clubber. 

The every wed, fri, sat drink drank drunk one. Or maybe just dancing on podium and going home with a guy. Hahahahahah nah just kidding but pretty much the scene kid. 

7. The bitch. 

Basically bitchy. But I have no idea what to describe. I mean everyone just have a bitch or more in their clique right? If you dont, probably you are the bitch. 

8. The lost sheep. 

The one who goes like “huh? We did you all just say?” “Huh what happened?” Basically the one who gets lost in the conversation most of the time lah. Also known as the blur dude. 

9. The gym junkie. 

The protein shaker, the eat clean all day err day, the ‘calculate meals before eating’ yup. The keeping in shape one. Be it guys or girls. 

10. The joker. 

This person makes you laugh until you feel like going for a toilet visit. Or maybe not but yes this person keeps you entertained and it’s a bore without them. No laughter, no fun. 

11. The alpha. 

The one that leads the clique, the one that almost does all the things a leader should do.

12. The gossip queen.

Usually gets all the gossips on hand before anyone does or that he/she’s the person who knows everything (who is dating who, who fight with who etc etc) Normally the one who doesnt really listen in class but is listening to gossips. 

13. The generous.

No money? No problem. I lend you. No bring lunch? It’s okay. I treat you. Well this person gives alot and probably doesnt take alot. But never suck the generous dry. 

I know a clique might not even have so many people…but 1 person can take up 2 or more roles so yup! Hahaha.

Do share with me what other type of people there can be in a clique!

Have a great Wednesday! ❤