I was randomly eating my breakfast this morning and suddenly I thought of a few fun facts about me so I decided to list it down and share it with you guys!

1. I hate tomatoes with a burning passion. 

But I am absolutely ok with minestrone soup, ketchup, pasta with tomato sauce, but just not tomato itself or cherry tomatoes. 

2. I hate to trouble people.

And I also hate people troubling me but sometimes I do step out of my comfort zone to help people (in return of something they did for me.

3. I cannot sleep with lights on. 

I actually sleep in a pitch dark room, my curtains are really good at blocking out sunlight, but the downside is I have a door with a piece of translucent glass which will not block the light from my corridor. So I had to cover my face with my pillows and blanket. 

4. I can cook western, japanese, italian. 

But just not chinese cuisines. I suck at chinese cuisines. >_< I am good at making chawanmushi, risotto, pasta, and maybe some salads. Hahaha.

5. I love minions. 

And HELL YAYE, their movie is coming out soon! I love them to an extent, not so crazy to buy everything with them on it lah. I dont do that.

6. I own 5 craftholics plushies. 

3 bears and 2 bunnies, contemplating if I should get another 2 more. But my bed is a lil overcrowded already.

7. I love collecting magnets from different countries! 

At the moment I have-

Aussie, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Seoul, Vietnam, Indonesia, Europe, etc etc. I can’t rmb the rest >_< But my fridge is filled with magnets and it’s literally a world map using magnets.

8. Green peas are really gross. 

But shit. I love the green pea snack with wasabi flavour and green pea cookie (chinese new year sure haves) lololololol i’m really weird.

9. Alot of people think I don’t look chinese.

Some of my friends in sec sch thought I was Malay, and so did my colleague. And my poly friends thought I was mix Korean / Japanese. I don’t know is that good or bad. LOL..

10. I feel like I’m both an arts and science student.

I am good in my maths and sciences(er maybe chem and physics only) but I did well for my sub-bio too eh.. And I am leaning towards arts because I did well for my social studies and geography. One thing I’m quite sure, I’m never a language person. I love to draw at times and I can draw not bad / artistic mind at times hehe. Ok overrated myself but I really am. >< 😛

So here’s 10 fun fact you may or may not know about me!