I’m sure most of us (who are planning to settle down, or swinging singles above 35) would queue for a HDB flat once in our lifetime (*this applies to Singaporeans or PR), or maybe not if you are those rich kids, or born with a silver spoon in the mouth  who doesn’t like HDB and prefer condo/ landed/ bungalow etc etc. And queuing for your own flat is an eye-opener. I swear. I feel like you are not just queuing for a house, but building a place call home. (home is not only a place, but where the people makes it feel like home.)

1. We actually pay $50~$90 for town council fee. 

Seriously but I didn’t know we pay the workers so much to keep our area clean! Call me ignorant or what, but I didn’t know it was so much. Lolol and my parents are paying $89 for town council because of the word executive in front of the word ‘apartment’ so I find it a bit ridiculous because not like our neighbourhood is a whole lot bigger than those 4 rooms neighbourhood. I got to know about town council fee when I was reading @tippytapp’s dayre post here.

2. It cost a bomb to remove a obstacle to our dream. 

The obstacle is actually just walls that might be “preventing” us to have a dream kitchen or dream room/ closet etc. My dream kitchen would be dry and wet kitchen separated by a sliding glass door, and dry kitchen to extend to island table top with bar counter chairs! And to hack the walls to make this happen, it cost almost $400-  $1000 but I know you have to apply for some approval and stuff, and you might or might not be approved at your first try! So good luck everybody~


3. Every girl’s dream to have walk in wardrobe will just be a dream.

I have totally thought of converting / joining the room to MBR for my walk in walkdrobe to happen! But think about it in the long ride, it’s not feasible. I’m sure my kids would need the space more than my clothes does, so it’s okay not to have a walk in wardrobe! But I am sure, with my creativity (cough), and interior design flair (cough again), I can make a mini walk in wardrobe in my own MBR without ‘eating’ in space of the other rooms! (though I still love the idea of walk in wardrobe alot.)



4. Dream house is achievable even in HDB. 

As long as you got the money, the correct id to bring out your dreams to reality, anything is possible! I mean your luck with an ID must be awesome, and the partnership must be there, so the end product would be top notch too! As for me, I know we want, and I don’t think there will be any HUGE problems, because mainly our Dads are ‘engineers/contractors/construction/architect’ along that line. And that I spend my time salivating at interior design porn. 

5. Having your own house is the big purchase ever.

I have yet to feel the “wow” about having a house YET. But I could not stop dreaming about how my future house can be! And it’s just sooooooo unbelievable to have our own house! @xiaxue’s house is just one good example to tell everyone that “it’s possible to have a beach theme house in the middle of HDBs”, and @ruffleswhiteskirt’s house is one living Scandinavian themed house! IT’s just so so so cool. 

 Here’s the few thing I learn, I know it might or might not greatly differs from yours. But after all it’s our biggest purchase of our lives so it sure is something to share about!