I am such a nostalgic person.. I keep thinking about the past and sometimes I could relive those times..

You’ll be spending almost 80% of your year studying for O levels. From the start of school, till the last paper, it’s all studying and little fun. You will be celebrating your 16th birthday with morning Geography prelim paper and your Geog teacher would leave a facebook msg saying:


Ya…so that’s how f**ked you were and I think you passed the papers though.

Soon after o levels, Rachel will bring you to Batok to get your first ever ear piercings and she will distract you with B2ST‘s video… Then the auntie just ‘piang’ your ear when you were most distracted. And you will be like ‘wow not even pain’ so you went on to get your 2nd pair of piercing, and 3rd/4th individually!

One week after, west spring turned 10 and you will wear mama lau’s wedges out and expand her shoes (which she wasn’t quite happy about) and will wear a jumpsuit for the annual dinner.

The week after annual dinner will be PROM. And you will wear this really sweet silver dress and you will style your hair very differently, and you will look gorgeous. No joke. And you will photo with your then- eye candy, and alot of people..

Soon after prom, you wanted to find a part time job but you didn’t get hired. You went Phuket with your family and you love it! You said you will go back soon. 

You got into SP and took Electrical and Electronics Engineering, major in nanotechnology / microtechnology. And you will meet so many cooler and awesome people but you will start gaining weight…and not realize it. But it’s okay. You will realized poly was the best time of your life. But don’t get carried away skipping lessons.. You will start painting your nails black and wear alot of teeshirts and jeans with sneakers and you will join in the kanken bag club. Hehehe.. 

Come year 2, you will get to know guys much older than you, and you made a mistake thinking that older guys are a better bf. Which turns out NOT TRUE AT ALL. All your friends will be commenting how blind you were and how stupid the choice you made is. But it’s for your own good. 

Mr chua would confess to you on the day of your last poly exam paper. And you will be like ‘what took you so long…?’ I told you poly would be the best time so you will live to see what is awesomeness. So since then you will be with him, whether you will marry him is another story because I’m only 5 years older than you. I’ll write to you again 5 years later to tell you ok!

Oh and instead of heading to uni, you decided to work first. And you will be disheartened because you cant seem to find a job of your choice. But rest assured.. You will land yourself in a rather well known company in Singapore and you will love your job! But mind you, working makes you gain 10kg. Because of $0.40 tea. CHEAP TRILLS LAH. 

You will be thinking if you should plan a party for your 21st and you wont. You decided not to! And you will be happier than ever. 

From: 20 years old Min, 3 months away from turning 21.