1. Family will always be there for you.

This is true. Be it happy news, or what your colleagues did to you, or the work load, your parents are the first people you want tell. I mean this applies to me. My parents always shared like stories about their work life/ experience, and they teach me how to prevent from getting backstabbed, and alot more. They would support me mentally, or actually in any ways. My dad prepares my favourite food for dinner, it is like THE MOST HEART WARMING THING EVER TO COME HOME TO. And my mum sometimes prepare breakfast for me to bring to work too, extremely heartwarming moments.

2. When it comes to friends, it’s quality over quantity.

Yes, you will realized your circle of friends would sudden decrease in numbers, but fear not, they are usually the <worth it> ones. It doesn’t matter how often you meet them, or how often you whatsapp them, but when you do, it’s like you never once stop talking. Afterall, friendship isn’t about whom you know the longest, it’s about who came, and never left your side. I’m quite happy that I knew Joey from internship, and Serena from my part time job, they are the unexpected but worth-it friendships. 

3. Making more time for yourself.

I don’t know if everyone feels the same as me but I feel like I want more time for myself. I feel like spending time just with me and myself. I have been like spending time at home, just doing my stuff, and learning new things (hehe it’s a secret), and making plans for my future. And weirdly, I have been heading home very often recently, and running by myself to clear my head.

4. Your other half is also your best (guy) friend.

Sometimes, you will actually share what happen to you at work to your bf then to your best friend. He is the next of kin you would have (eventually if you are planning to get married.) He would be the person you spend the rest of your life with, and of course you wouldn’t wanna keep things from him right? Technically I share everything with my bf (about work) but I try not to do it so often because I don’t want to bring work home…But some times, I do mention it because it just pops up in my mind. And vice versa, he shares things that happened during his work too.

5. Travel is the only way to relax.

Forget about being ‘on leave’ because it’s not ‘on leave’ until you are not contactable. As long as you are contactable, phones calls will keep coming, messages will keep flooding. Hence, over being out-of-sg is the only way to be away from work. And honestly, I am so looking forward to going overseas because whenever I’m on leave, I’m still working. Giving instructions, and solving problems when I’m on leave. Not funny at all. After all the projects, travelling to see the world is one good way to reward yourself for working hard enough, and telling yourself to work harder after the trip, for the next bigger holiday. Win-win situation aye.

6. Money comes and money goes. 

Payday arrives, money goes in, pay bills pay loans pay this pay that, parent’s allowance etc etc. In a blink of an eye a few hundreds just goes out very quickly. To me, money is to reward yourself for working hard. It’s your PAY, your INCOME, you ought to pamper yourself once in a while with that. Not keep it inside all the time and act like a bloody miser. I feel like I’m rather bad at savings, but hey I changed okay. The thought of wedding, honeymoon, house is enough to make me change my spending habits. I used to spend like $200-$500 a month on clothes and unnecessary stuffs and now it’s payback time.

7. One day your best friend is going to be another person’s other half.

Well technically not just my best friend, but all of my friends. One day they are going to get married, and have a family of their own, and the time they can give you is going to be very little. So it’s time to be understanding. But if they can make time for others and not you, then delete them off the friend list please. 

8. It’s okay to be materialistic.

Everyday on the public transport, I see many woman carrying Chanel, Prada, etc etc and I find myself lusting over those branded bags too. I mean I don’t have that much earning power yet but it’s a goal for myself to achieve. My target is to own a Prada (by 25) and Chanel by 30. It’s like stepping stone. I learn it from Timothy Tiah. Once you get a Chanel, what is next?

9. It’s more than just being 21.

Being 21 technically just says “hey you are officially an adult.” I learn to be alot more independent, even before turning 21. I pay my own insurances, I pay my own bills, and I pay almost everything for myself (except for my roof lah.) But soon I would be paying for my own house…which is surreal. I realized those backstabbing bitches in high school was nothing as compared to double-headed snakes in work place. I learn to protect myself better, trust people lesser. Only see for yourself, but not listen to others. 

10. Long weekends/ public holidays are so much loved.

I USED TO HATE LONG WEEKENDS/ PUBLIC HOLIDAYS ALOT. BECAUSE I HATED TO STAY AT HOME. Really, I am serious. I wanted to be in school, with my friends, and no need to be stuck at home. But now I am dying to have long weekends. Sleep is really for the weak like me. Gone the days where I could stay up till late, and wake up late. Now is sleep late and regret the next day. 

I hope this didn’t bore you! Hope your mid week was awesome, and till next time, xoxo.