Tips/ ways to stay motivated to keeping fit, and/or losing weight.

(We all go out of tracks sometimes, it’s okay. As long as we go back on track, everything’s gonna be okay, and good.)

1. Set a long term goal and a short term goal. 

Goal, not dream. Why goal? Read it here. Set realistic and achievable goals. Like as for long term, what do you want to achieve (e.g: do how many burpees at one go) / what do you want your body to be like? Short term would go like: e.g increasing how many reps, lose how many kilos in how long, or run longer in the same time, or run faster.

2. Record your progress.

It’s always good to keep track on your progress so you know where you stand and also, definitely you can always refer to it easily and get back in shape without much problem. It also serves as a motivation guidebook.

3. Rewarding yourself. 

You can buy yourself new workout gear, or eat that milk-cow you have been craving for all week long. It’s normal to have cravings, and it’s okay to satisfy them. But in return you have to work out even harder. E.g: you crave for kfc for lunch, yes you can have it, but go for a long run after that, at least you wouldn’t feel so guilty eating it.

4. Make time. 

Some people would often use “no time” as an excuse. I have caught myself using it as an excuse back in Poly, and “no time” is the reason I am not fit and sexy now. I believe 5-10 mins before bed-time is not too hard to spare. I am working full time and if I can take 5-10 mins out to do some workout and sweat it out, I don’t think anyone else cannot.

Workout!! | via Tumblr

12 minutes work-out.

5. Learn to handle disappointments. 

You don’t gain weight overnight, so don’t expect to lose them overnight too. And there is no shortcuts. I am serious. If there is, I would be telling you the shortcuts already. Sometimes you feel like you have done so much workout but the scales are not showing…1. You didn’t eat clean enough or 2. You are converting your fats to muscles, hence no weight change. Don’t be dishearten, keep going, fitness is a lifelong journey.

Actually screw all this tips. You know what is the best motivation?

 Hot and cute guys (e.g: A&F models) Like this: 

  or the Salvatore brothers: 

Personal favourite: Stefan (Paul Wesley) 

, bikinis (e.g: triangl swimwear), WCW (e.g: Alexis Ren, Bryana Holly, Shay Mitchell, VS models, @prettyfrowns etc etc) Really.


 Alexis ren.


Shay Mitchell.

 It’s just how desperate (much) we are (want) to be heallthy (to be equally sexy or hot.). 

That flat tummy, that perky butt, that salty sea, that beaches. For all the bodycon dresses, the crop tops, the bralets. I think all these motivations serves more than those rubbish tips I gave. But most importantly, always remember this:


It’s also good to actually start an instagram/blog account to track your progress every week. Keep yourself motivated by following fitness girls account, reblog bikini babes/fitness girls photos, eat clean stay healthy, visualized the new you and look forward to it.

It’s a rather dry post but I hope I helped in a way or two.


This is my definition of sexy. Surely and truly.