Hello everybody, how was your Vesak day?

My plan was to head to the Singapore Arts Museum on Saturday but plans changed thanks to San Andreas (which was AWESOME in my opinion) So finally headed down to the Museum today!


I used different mode for these two photos, kinda think the top one seems brighter and bottom one seems gloomy eh… what do you guys think? 

DSCN4492 Note: Free entrance for Singaporeans and PR . More info here

DSCN4496  DSCN4506 DSCN4507

Found a nice spot to take some photos, and hence the OOTD shots. #buaybah. 

DSCN4508  I personally like this photo alot (and of course lah it’s on my instagram.)


One of the art works in SAM.

After that we walked over to SAM at 8Q which is having the Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas. (Exhibition ending on 19th July 2015.)

DSCN4520 DSCN4525 DSCN4526 The artworks on the staircase 🙂 DSCN4528

If you are there, go in and take a look at this. It’s so cool that I can’t comprehend. HAHA.



Playing with my camera and boy, this looks creepy… 

And then we walked over to the Nation Museum! (nothing much actually, though the SINGAPURA: 700 YEARS is eye-opening)

 DSCN4539   DSCN4536

And there is a section for our late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. DSCN4537

Sorry that I didn’t take more photos #oops. I hope this post isn’t too boring, I mean I just wanted to post some photos out and share my day, since my creative and hilarious brain juice ran out. But fret not, it will be back soon. Am I the only one looking so forward to the next PH in July already? 

I have a video (compilation of where I went/ what I saw over the long weekends.) I hope I can produce it soon by this Friday. I would definitely link it here so you guys would know if the video is out. 😛

Till then, have an wonderfully awesome week! 😀