Here’s my very own chicken broccoli fusilli!

I don’t have a recipe for you to follow actually but I can roughly describe ok! Don’t bash me for the weird recipe description.


Chicken breast




Teriyaki sauce

Italian herbs


– Wash and clean the chicken breast, tear it or chop it to smaller pieces. Marinate it with teriyaki sauce, and abit of water, and throw in LOTS OF italian herbs!!! Then put it in the fridge for 10 mins at least! (I haven try using lemon juice to tenderize it, next time next time.)

– Wash broccoli, chop it to smaller stalks, throw it in BOILING SALTED WATER. And let it boil for 3 mins, scoop it up after 3 mins, marinate it with a bit of teriyaki sauce and italian herbs (or you can dont need to marinate it.)

– Chop garlic into minced garlic!

– Using the boiling salted water, cook fusilli for 15 mins (other pasta has different cooking times) and KEEP THE RESERVED WATER! 

– Now bring the chicken out, heat (small fire) your pan with olive oil, throw in the chicken breast and stir fry it! (BEWARE OF OIL SPLASHING.)

– Add in minced garlic after chicken is cooked, throw in broccoli and stir fry it until all almost cooked, add in reserved water (agar agar) and then throw in fusilli, stir/cook it, SPAM ITALIAN HERBS and maybe OLIVE OIL if you want, then cover it. Let it shimmer.

– Tada, serve and eat!

Verdict: 4/5! My first time achieving a much softer chicken breast! Lol usually I suck at cooking chicken breast but ytd one was good!

Can’t wait to try new recipe next week! Upcoming – potato and egg salad, egg carbonara, chicken breast (or salmon)  with mushroom, maybe pull pork pasta too!

It might not sounds/seems healthy but it’s healthier than outside lah duh. I hope to create healthy but yummy food. After all dinner you are not supposed to eat SO MUCH. Hahaha, hope to be a better cook with more ideas (to prepare myself as a wife and a mother) and more variations!