Recently I have been…running rather frequently. I mean I wanna cultivate it into a habit or routine. Nowadays my dad would prepare dinner (all kinds of cuisines), and after I reach home from work, I changed into sports wear and head out for a run.  

(Photo from weheartit)
I never realized how therapeutic it was to run, and run, and the wind blowing in your hair, sweat all over your face and body, it feels so good. Sadly, I only realized the beauty of runs last year. I remeber december 2013 was the first time ever I ran without stopping. Usually i’m like RUNNNNNNNNN, then “omg my leg hurts” or “omg my stomach stitching!” Or “omg i can’t breathe.” and then i STOP.

Now it’s all different. 

I began to run on a constant and comfortable pace, breath better, (actually I learn to pace myself better) and stop only when I’m done, not when I’m tired. 

And honestly I wished I continued running last year. The terrible / horrible weight gain just made me regret not running / working hard enough.

I’m back to running after work, and doing progression runs every alternate week! This week is week 3! TK (my personal trainer) ask me to start slow and slowly increase the durations, so currentlh I’m at 15 mins (targetting 2KM) I’m a really slow runner but not like i’m doing IPPT. So it’s okay.

This is something I want to do for long term. It’s a habit I wanna continue even after I’m married. 

Running to lose weight, running to keep fit, or running to take things off my mind. It’s beautifully therapeutic to me. 

Well, 1 year from now, I want to thank myself for dragging my ass out for runs and make a change to my body. I don’t know when will I ever get the chance to don in a wedding dress, but when I do, I want to be ready for it. I wanna look stunning, beautifully, amazing and blow my husband-to-be’s mind. 

On top of that, beach destination requires a beach body, not potato body. So yes, I want to be beach body ready too, so I can pick a beach location for my honeymoon! (Actually I want Europe more) but it’s good to be fit still! Less illnesses, and health-conscious!

Can’t wait to share how my training goes and how much my body change after 4 weeks, 8 week, 12 weeks and 6 months, then slowly to 1 year!

Cheers to all you girls out there losing those extra pounds, and road to being healthier than ever! 

I think I would make a really good wife/mother in future if I work from home, I would prepare them tasty and healthy meals every day heheheehehe.