I’d thought since I got the time, I should do another post to welcome the weekends! The weekday writer is looking forward to her weekends too as much as everyone does.

So I believe all of us has travel  to somewhere in this world, or that travelling to town (would be suffice). These are the best types of people to travel with (disclaimer: IN MY OPINIONS.):

1. The Walking GPS. 

Ah ha, yes the walking GPS. The person who knows the way to every place (literally). I mean everyone has access to maps but how many person is actually good at reading maps? Ever ponder that? I have came across people who holds the map but it’s not capable of leading the group. Hence it is very important to have someone who is very good with the maps. *cue Maps from Maroon 5*

2. The First-Aider

When I was on my grad trip last year, I realized I forgot to bring all my first-aid stuff like panadol, nailclipper(I’m not joking), band-aids, ulcer powder etc etc. I was like: HO SEH LIAO. Thank god I had the first-aider who is my boyfriend. (He had like the whole pharmacy in his first-aid kit…) There was like anti-laosai medicine, and mosquito bite cream. Totally speechless.

3. The Cheapo

I think everyone would need this person if you are heading to like wholesale markets or places where you can bargain the price. I personally suck at bargaining, because I feel bad to bargain with people… 😦 Like they need to earn a living also mah, still bargain like bad. But sometimes the price they set it’s too high. Dilemma…

4. The Super Planner

This person does all the planning, booking and reminders. The person who would gives wake up call, the one who lists the “must do must go must eat”, the one who isn’t that fun but you will thank this person for that you are not one of those people who delays the flight.

5. The Photographer

I wished that I have more photographer-friends. 😦 Often when I travel, I am the camera-man, and always the camera-man until I can find a travel companion that is the photographer. *snap snap*

6. The Foodie

THIS IS A MUST HAVE! (so food-planning can leave to this person) This person needs to know where is the gem and which is the rip-off, and which is the overrated and underrated. 😀 Tough job actually. 

Here’s my favourite type of people to travel with! Well actually, at the same time as we list the best types of people we want to travel with, have we actually think that we could contribute in any way? I mean it’s definitely cool to travel with all these ‘important’ people, but would people wanna travel with you if you got nothing to contribute? That is worth a thought actually. I know I am the GPS for sure, or maybe the photographer, or the foodie… 

What about you?

Have an awesome weekend everyone! 😀