I’m sure most Singaporeans/ Tourists have been to USS at least once in their lives or probably Halloween USS. So here’s my USS-logue from 3 visits (2011, 2013, 2014).

USS tickets, 2014
USS tickets, 2013
USS tickets, 2013.
Feel like I'm in Hollywood for a moment.
Universal Studios Singapore
USS entrance, 2011

Okay so here’s the map of USS: click here.

When you enter, you will be in the streets of Hollywood (and normally there ain’t any rides there.) More of meet and greet (taking pictures), popcorn, souvenir shops, etc etc.

Welcome to Hollywood, 2013

Normally I would arrive before lunch, so I could play like a few rides before heading for lunch. Oh I just realize all my 3 visits… I have lunch at the same place.. (Mel’s drive-in) I like the vibes/feel there, it used to be like this:

Mel’s drive in, 2011

 But now it’s like the same as those fast food restaurants outside.

Mel’s drive in, 2013

The very first time I went (2011), there was no transformers, no Battlestar Galactica, no Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, no Puss in Boots. But the crowd was already that crazy.

I would usually turn right and head to the New York, and explore the changes. On my last visit, I went on to try the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, 2014.

This is definitely a ride for kids (or a starter for adrenaline rush).

I think they just launched the Sesame streets theme in 2013.

And the opposite of Sesame street ride would be this:

Lights, Camera, Action! 2014

Not exactly a ride, but more of an eye-opening attraction! (Be sure to check it out!)

My mandatory shots outside Riley’s cafe along the New York street. (HAHA!)

As you leave the New York streets, you enter the Sci-fi City, aka Transformers, Battlestar Galacticas (which just reopened recently!)

Battlestar Galactica, 2011
Battlestar Galactica, 2013.
Battlestar Galactica, 2014

When I went USS in 2011, the BSG was still under testing, and then in 2013, I went on BSG for the first and shortly they closed the ride, hence 2014, I didn’t get to go on it. (But I heard the new rides are scarier than before…)

After you leave the Sci-fi City, you will enter the Ancient Egypt and beware of Pharaoh and some hunters, nah I’m just kidding. They are harmless…I think? Haha you can go up to them and take a photo! They won’t bite.

Outside Revenge of the Mummies, 2011.
Outside Revenge of the Mummies, 2014.

Quite bummed during my last visit, because the ride was close due to some electrical fault or whatsoever. 😦 BUMMED. This is one of my favourite rides and I rate it 4/5!!! 😀

If you have been to Movie world, it’s somehow similar to Scooby Doo ride. 

After you are done with Egypt, you can proceed to The Lost World (aka Jurassic Park, where they are 3D dinosaur to interact with you.)

The Lost World, 2011
The Lost World, 2013
The lost word with a Dinosaur. 2014

*The waterworld show is a must watch (it’s somehow similar to the one I watched in Movie World.)

*Canopy Flyer is more for kids (IMO) and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure will get you slightly wet so be sure you are prepared to get wet before going for the ride.

Next up would be one of my favourite place, Far Far Away. (Recently there is a new ride but I haven gone to USS yet, probably would make a trip in late 2015)

Far Far Away, 2011.
Far Far Away, 2013
Far Far Away, 2014

*Shrek 4-D adventure is a really cool ride (but Transformers is better though)

*Enchanted Airways is the less scary version of Battlestar Galactica (duh!)

And the last section would be Madagascar. 

Bring your kids (or bring out your inner child) to have fun on the Merry go round and then after that you would finish the day off with a little boat ride adventure with Madagascar and say good bye to USS.

(I mean you can choose a different way to explore USS, but this is my way.)

Probably the next time I go, I would do some video-ing and I’ll go from Madagascar instead.

~ Take note, best to have cash with you because I don’t know if they accept nets or masters but they have ATM around the lost world so no worries you can draw money there!

Put on lots of sunblock, wear sunglasses, wear cap/hat or whatever. At the end of the day you might become like a really cooked lobster.

~ Ask from your friends/family members if they have the tumble from USS (Free refill is $2 if i am not wrong.)

~ Wear comfortable shoes cuz you are going to walk a lot.

~ Try not to bring a bulky bag, (but rest assure there are lockers for rent almost everywhere)

~ Bring some raincoats in case of a sudden downpour, or just drizzle.

Read more tips/updates here!

Can’t wait to go USS again and go on the new rides, hopefully I can score a photo with the minions >_<

Sorry for a really long and crappy blog post.

Till then XX!